[INDOLOGY] paścāccharīra and synonyms for back(bone)

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Dear Arlo,

you can look it up under the entry "kaseru" (= "Rückgrat"). While PW
records the word under kaśeru with a reference to the alternate spelling
"kaseru" (as a rule adopted by MW), pw has apparently decided that only
kaseru must be the correct spelling. However, for reasons unknown, a
reference to the discarded spelling 'kaśeru' was omitted by Böthlingk.

Best wishes,

Am So., 10. März 2024 um 05:02 Uhr schrieb Arlo Griffiths via INDOLOGY <
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> Learned colleagues,
> Can anyone help me understand what is intended with paścāccharīra in
> connection with elephant cows in the following Kośakalpataru verse?
> paścāccharīre kariṇāṃ striyāṃ tu
> bhavej jarāyau carame'dhunārthe |
> ārvāgbhave bhedyasamaṃ vadanti
> dantacchade puṃsi tathādharaḥ syāt || 83 ||
> Actually I am looking for potential synonyms of 'back(bone)' other than
> those found in kośa passages such as these:
> - AK 2.5.667  syāc charīrāsthni kaṅkālaḥ pr̥ṣṭhāsthni tu kaśerukā
> - AbhCM 627ab kapālakarparau tulyau pṛṣṭhasyāsthni kaśerukā |
> - AbhiRM 632–634 asthīni dhātukīkasakulyāni bhavanti tulyāni || 632 ||
> śarīrasyāsthi kaṅkālaṃ tathā syād asthipañjaram | śiraso'sthi karoṭiḥ syāt
> kapālaṃ śakalaṃ ca tat || 633 || śākhāsthi nalakaṃ proktaṃ pṛṣṭhasyāsthi
> kaseru ca |
> - ŚRĀ asthi kulyaṁ kīkasañ ca kaṅkālo dehakīkase | kaśerukā kaśeruḥ strī
> pṛṣṭhāsthani bhaved dvayam ||
> And more particularly words beginning with paścāt. I am wondering if
> paścāccharīra could be the word I am looking for.
> By the way, since the relative (un)originality of MW data vs. PW/pw is
> occasionally at stake on this forum, I found it interesting to see that
> kaśeru(kā) in the meaning 'back(bone)' seems not to be recorded in pw (if I
> can rely on NWS) whereas MW does have a relevant entry.
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
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