[INDOLOGY] paścāccharīra and synonyms for back(bone)

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Dear Walter,

Thanks a lot for setting me straight on kaseru.

My question remains about paścāccharīra and elephants. (I withdraw the addition 'cows'.) Who can help?

I clarify that the background of my question is to help my student Zakariya Aminullah, who is not on this list, in his work on editing a Sanskrit-Old Javanese lexicon. It contains an entry provisionally edited thus:

362 Synonyms of Back

paścātkarīya, pr̥ṣṭhā⟨sthi⟩, pr̥ṣṭhya, kaśeru, ṅa valakaṅ.

The first term is problematic, ṅa means iti, and the last term is the Old Javanese gloss.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

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Dear Arlo,

you can look it up under the entry "kaseru" (= "Rückgrat"). While PW records the word under kaśeru with a reference to the alternate spelling "kaseru" (as a rule adopted by MW), pw has apparently decided that only kaseru must be the correct spelling. However, for reasons unknown, a reference to the discarded spelling 'kaśeru' was omitted by Böthlingk.

Best wishes,

Am So., 10. März 2024 um 05:02 Uhr schrieb Arlo Griffiths via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info<mailto:indology at list.indology.info>>:
Learned colleagues,

Can anyone help me understand what is intended with paścāccharīra in connection with elephant cows in the following Kośakalpataru verse?

paścāccharīre kariṇāṃ striyāṃ tu
bhavej jarāyau carame'dhunārthe |
ārvāgbhave bhedyasamaṃ vadanti
dantacchade puṃsi tathādharaḥ syāt || 83 ||

Actually I am looking for potential synonyms of 'back(bone)' other than those found in kośa passages such as these:

- AK 2.5.667  syāc charīrāsthni kaṅkālaḥ pr̥ṣṭhāsthni tu kaśerukā
- AbhCM 627ab kapālakarparau tulyau pṛṣṭhasyāsthni kaśerukā |
- AbhiRM 632–634 asthīni dhātukīkasakulyāni bhavanti tulyāni || 632 || śarīrasyāsthi kaṅkālaṃ tathā syād asthipañjaram | śiraso'sthi karoṭiḥ syāt kapālaṃ śakalaṃ ca tat || 633 || śākhāsthi nalakaṃ proktaṃ pṛṣṭhasyāsthi kaseru ca |
- ŚRĀ asthi kulyaṁ kīkasañ ca kaṅkālo dehakīkase | kaśerukā kaśeruḥ strī pṛṣṭhāsthani bhaved dvayam ||

And more particularly words beginning with paścāt. I am wondering if paścāccharīra could be the word I am looking for.

By the way, since the relative (un)originality of MW data vs. PW/pw is occasionally at stake on this forum, I found it interesting to see that kaśeru(kā) in the meaning 'back(bone)' seems not to be recorded in pw (if I can rely on NWS) whereas MW does have a relevant entry.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

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