[INDOLOGY] Prādyuṇaka/-ika

Martin Gansten martingansten at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:08:49 UTC 2022

I eventually managed to track down one mention of this word (with both 
variants given) in the Halāyudhakośa, where it is treated as a noun: 
/āveśikaḥ prādyuṇaka āgantur atithiḥ smṛtaḥ/. I am still curious to know 
if anyone has actually seen it used, though, and whether (as implied by 
its use in the translation from the Arabic) it originally had the sense 
of /frequent/regular/ guest or visitor.


Den 2022-05-19 kl. 08:44, skrev Martin Gansten:
> With many thanks again for all references to the use of gourds, I 
> wonder if anyone has come across the word prādyuṇaka or prādyuṇika 
> (with or without the retroflexion, which looks a little odd), 
> occurring in the same text. Apparently it translates the Arabic yanūbu 
> 'return/occur again and again', so it would seem to be derived from 
> pradyu/pradiv (as in pradivas, -divi 'always, at all times'), but I 
> have never seen this adjective form before, nor been able to locate it 
> in any dictionary. The text does employ vernacular words occasionally, 
> but there is nothing similar to it in Turner either.
> Best wishes,
> Martin Gansten
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