[INDOLOGY] Misprint in Vedic Sanskrit text or something else?

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 21:29:13 UTC 2022

Dear list members,
I've been looking at the Śrī-sūktam text in Scheftelowitz's  Apokryphen des
 In his text of the hymn  in verse 12 there is the phrase: ... ciklītā vasa
me gṛhe
but in verse 16 a few verses on, the same phrase is spelled:  ciklīta vasa
me gṛhe
(See attached pdf page.)

I've checked the other online  Ṛg-veda khilāni but they are all derived
from Scheftelowitz and agree with his spelling of these two verses.
Scheftelowtiz in his study on the Śrīsūkta translates the phrase the same
in both verses.
Verse 12  Ciklīta ("Schlamm"), wohne in meinem Gehöfte
Verse 16  Ciklīta wohne in meinem Gehöfte

Is the spelling  ciklītā in verse 12 a misprint in Scheftelowitz's text or
is  do the  two different spellings represent how it actually is in the Ṛg-veda

Harry Spier
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