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Dear Gaia, you might have a look at two gāthās from the Sattasaī (edition A. Weber 1881), namely 351 and 648, where instead of nīvi the text has (Prākrit) gaṃṭhi. I give the translations by Peter Khoroche and me (Poems on Life and Love in Ancient India. Hāla's Sattasaī. Albany 2009):

351 (trsl 158)

He was embarrassed

But I laughed and gave him a hug

When he groped for the knot (gaṃṭhi)

Of my skirt (ṇiaṃsaṇa) and found it

Already undone.

648 (trsl 149)

Feigning sleep

The husband turned over

And let a trembling hand fall as if by accident

On the knot of his young wife's skirt

Which she held firmly between her thighs.



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