[INDOLOGY] Bādhūlakaccaṭaṅṅu̇ PDF Request

Michael Fiden mfiden at utexas.edu
Sun Aug 22 19:44:54 UTC 2021

Hello, and apologies for cross posting.

I have been working with the library here at the University of Texas to
obtain a copy (either physical or electronic) of the *Bādhūlakaccaṭaṅṅu̇*,
a Malayalam translation of the* VādhūlaGS. *Unfortunately, after hearing
back from the publisher, I recently discovered it is out of print and
unavailable. I was hoping to read this for a directed-reading course this
fall. Does anyone have an electronic copy which they would be willing to
share, or a physical copy from which they could scan select sections?
Publication information about the book is below. Thank you!

VEḶḶĀRAPPIḶḶI Maṭhattil Illattu Sōmayājippāṭu̇ Mahan Vāsudēvan Nampūtiri.*
Bādhūlakaccaṭaṅṅu̇*. Kunnaṁkulaṁ: Pañcāṁgaṁ Prassu̇,1978.

Michael Fiden
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