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Sun Apr 5 14:28:58 UTC 2020

Dear Mr Steiner
I am glad to read your examples.But in ancient epics such as the Ramayana
and Mahabharata,etc some uses of padma are found in masculine .But in
post-paninian poetry these usages are not available.Hence in the works of
Poetics as the Kavyaprakasa it has been considered a
dosa( blemish) to use a word in unpopular
gender.There is cited an example,bhaati padmah sarovare.Hence Post-paninian
poets don't use it in Masculine.
Thank you very much to give us an opportunity to exercise our mind.
Kindest regards
Girish K.Jha

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> > Please excuse my awkward previous stanza! This version is now
> > corrected and improved by Girish K. Jha:
> >
> > हा हेति भूपा मुनिपुंगवाश्च
> > सर्वे विलेपुः सहभृत्यलोकाः ।
> > वृथैव सीते वयमागताः स्मो
> > न स्पर्शनीये तव पादपद्मे ॥
> Just for the indological record (without wanting to encourage or
> discourage anyone here):
> 1. *padma* is also used as a masculine (examples:
> *rāghavaś cintayitvaivam upetya caraṇau pituḥ / haṃsaḫ padmāv iva navau
> jagrāha nakhakesarau*; or:
> *adya tv atitarāṃ brahman mama bhāgyaviparyayāt / himenevāhataḫ padmas
> sampanno haritaẖ kṛśaḥ*). 2. The metre in the "original" stanza is a
> (correct) Upajāti. Now it is a (correct) Indravajrā.
> RS
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