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Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 04:29:01 UTC 2018

Dear Dr Fournet,

You have every right to feel fed up with the tendencies you list.  You have
the right to be offended.  But you do not have the right to express your
feelings of annoyance in impolite terms in the INDOLOGY forum.  Nobody
does. At the time of joining this forum we each of us agreed that we had
read the terms of membership, and that includes the practice of standard

Netiquette is not mere good manners.  It has evolved out of an intense
engagement with email discussion lists as a set of behaviours that maximize
useful conversation.  It is efficient, utilitarian.

I share your feelings about much of the discourse you refer to.  But I
promise you that insulting people with unpleasant language in front of 700
colleagues is not the best strategy for promoting the  scholarly methods
and discoveries that you value.

You are free to send your non-rose-petals to the people you describe.  But
please do it off-list.

Dominik Wujastyk
INDOLOGY managing committee.

On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 at 11:41, Arnaud Fournet via INDOLOGY <
indology at list.indology.info> wrote:

> I agree that the phrase "shit-and-muck sprinkling system" is somewhat
> rough.
> But I'm quite fed up with the tendency to reductio ad Nazismus of
> Indo-European studies promoted by some people. I have the right to be
> offended by this "method".
> So I consider the phrase adequately describes the discourse of these
> people. That's basically what their discourse is about. It's not a regular
> and acceptable scientific discourse.
> If you reduce Indo-European studies to Hitler, racism and nazism, don't
> expect to get rose petals in exchange (at least not from me).
> With best regards.
> Arnaud Fournet
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> Dear  List Members and especially Moderators,
> (With no particular wish to side with Koenrad Elst or to participate in the dispute)
> A few years back I was reprimanded and even invited to retract just for a jocular remark on someone else?s  ?American-like money-mindedness?. In the meantime the list policy must have changed a lot if it is now deemed fine for a list member to call in earnest a ?shit-and-muck sprinkling system? some other list member?s discourse. Or does it depend on academic status ? some list members may be freely offended, and some must not, even in a dream?
> Paolo Magnone
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> Paolo Magnone
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> Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Milan
> Introduction to Hinduism
> Higher Institute of Religious Sciences - Milan
> Jambudvipa  - Indology and Sanskrit Studies (www.jambudvipa.net<http://www.jambudvipa.net> <http://www.jambudvipa.net>)
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