[INDOLOGY] South Asia Books in Colombus MO?

Antonio Ferreira-Jardim antonio.jardim at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 03:21:50 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone know the fate of South Asia Books - formerly in Columbus, Missouri?

I am trying to obtain a copy of one the volumes of the Opera Minora of
the Harvard Oriental Studies series solely distributed by South Asia
Books. ("Vedic Sakhas")

However the company seems to have gone belly up! The only remaining
presence seems to be on the truly awful Amazon Marketplace. This
doesn't help either as Amazon have geoblocked Australians from buying
on their site - because they refuse to pay goods & sales tax to the
Australian Government.

Does anyone have any hints? This distributor had sole distribution
rights for a number of Indology titles so it is quite a shame!

Kind regards,
Antonio Ferreira-Jardim
Brisbane, Australia

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