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Arnaud Fournet fournet.arnaud at wanadoo.fr
Thu Oct 18 17:41:06 UTC 2018

I agree that the phrase "shit-and-muck sprinkling system" is somewhat rough.

But I'm quite fed up with the tendency to reductio ad Nazismus of 
Indo-European studies promoted by some people. I have the right to be 
offended by this "method".

So I consider the phrase adequately describes the discourse of these 
people. That's basically what their discourse is about. It's not a 
regular and acceptable scientific discourse.

If you reduce Indo-European studies to Hitler, racism and nazism, don't 
expect to get rose petals in exchange (at least not from me).

With best regards.

Arnaud Fournet

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> Dear  List Members and especially Moderators,
> (With no particular wish to side with Koenrad Elst or to participate in the dispute)
> A few years back I was reprimanded and even invited to retract just for a jocular remark on someone else?s  ?American-like money-mindedness?. In the meantime the list policy must have changed a lot if it is now deemed fine for a list member to call in earnest a ?shit-and-muck sprinkling system? some other list member?s discourse. Or does it depend on academic status ? some list members may be freely offended, and some must not, even in a dream?
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