[INDOLOGY] Grammar of the Jain phrase

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Mon Aug 28 18:36:35 UTC 2017

Hi Andrew,

     Thanks for your explanation, and providing a textual context for this
phrase.  Is "mi" as a genitive form found elsewhere?  Ghatage's
Introduction to Ardhamagadhi (p. 117) does not list such a form in the
paradigm of the first person pronoun (attached).  But Pischel's Comparative
Grammar of the Prakrit Languages does list "mi" as one of the alternative
forms for accusative, instrumental and genitive.  Would like to know some
other instances of the use of "mi".


On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 1:48 PM, Andrew Ollett <andrew.ollett at gmail.com>

> Interesting suggestion. It is possible for mā + icchāmi to be micchāmi in
> Ardhamāgadhī (or pseudo-Ardhamāgadhī) because lopa-sandhi is common in such
> contexts (see Pischel §158), but since the phrase occurs in the context of
> the pratikramaṇa, and in a few cases specifically refers to the evil of an
> already-committed transgression (jaṃ khaṇḍiyaṃ jaṃ virāhiyaṃ tassa micchā
> mi dukkaḍaṃ), it seems more natural to me to read it in the traditional way
> rather than as a resolution not to desire evil deeds in the future.
> 2017-08-26 7:26 GMT-04:00 Madhav Deshpande via INDOLOGY <
> indology at list.indology.info>:
>> Dear Colleagues,
>>      Someone recently asked me the meaning of the Jain phrase "micchāmi
>> dukkaḍam".  On most of the web sources, the explanation is given like this:
>> micchā mi dukkaḍam (Skt. mithyā me duṣkr̥tam) meaning "May my evil deed be
>> ineffective".  I am wondering whether micchāmi in this phrase is originally
>> "mā+icchāmi" and the phrase meaning: "May I not wish evil."  In several
>> textual contexts, micchāmi occurs with other first person singular verbs
>> like khāmemi: मिच्छामि दुक्कडम् खामेमि सव्व जीवे, सव्वे जीवा खमंतु मे।
>>  I will appreciate any light that our Prakrit scholars can shed on this.
>> With best wishes,
>> Madhav Deshpande
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