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On 23 May 2013 22:43, Whitney Cox <wc3 at soas.ac.uk> wrote:

> I'm a huge admirer of Speyer's book--I honestly feel like I learn
> something new and interesting every single time I open it-- but I do agree
> with Chris that it would benefit from re-setting.  The font in which the
> Nāgarī text is set can make for hard reading for those who aren't used to
> it: there are many times that I've strongly recommended it to intermediate
> students who have found it difficult to make sense of.  Also, Speyer
> doesn't always translate his examples: this isn't a problem for those with
> more experience in the language, but the target audience of language
> learners are sometimes at a disadvantage, which is a real shame.
​ completely agree about the admiration for Speyer's book.  It's really
quite extraordinary.  Deeply laced throughout with Paninian references
(fully understood for their linguistic meaning) and showing a sensitive and
original flair for translation and understanding of his examples.  Amazing


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