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Dear Dominik,

Somehow my message below does not seem to have appeared on the Indology
Liverpool forum. Will you kindly post it for me? Thanks and best wishes. --

On 2012-09-14, Remmer, Ulla <Ulla.Remmer at assoc.oeaw.ac.at> asked:

>can anybody help me with a translation of the following text? We have an
old recording of this song here in the Phonogramm-Archiv of Vienna. It was
recorded in 1905 in Varanasi and sung by Madhusūdan Keśava Jośī. On the
protocol it is described as "Maratti-Song". But is it Marathi at all?<

The language is definitely Marathi (full of Skt words). The transcription
needs to be improved, especially in the area of separating the words. I
suggest the improvements I can easily think of. For others, the original
musst be heard and the context must be known, and one must have more time
(which I do not have at present).

The transcription provided:

avalo kita madhumāsa navaśrī yetamahāśvetāhī

haṃsakanyakā savesakhīccya hāsata bolata kāṃh?īṃ
                         tijalā mainiṇatī sāṃgejā ūnakopudartiva

I would suggest:
 avalokita madhu-māsa-navaśrī yeta mahāśvetā hī
 "Observing the fresh beauty of the month of Caitra, here comes Mahaa-;svetaa
(or resplendently fair/white as an adjective of the next word)

haṃsakanyakā save sakhīcya hāsata bolata kāṃh?īṃ
 The daughter of Ha.msa (or a swan), along with (her) friends, laughing (or
smiling)  and saying something
                        tijalā mainiṇatī [= maitri.na tii ?] sāṃge jā.una
kopudartiva [= ?]
 Going near her, the friend [?] conveys xxx

If Mahaa-;svetaa is used as a proper name, the song may have something to
do with the story in Baa.na's Kaadambarii.

As I recall, there was an opera composed by Mr. Govinda-råo .Tembe
titled Mahaa-;svetaa,
but I do not know if it is as old as 1905.

ashok aklujkar

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