Depiction of "horse" in the rock paintings of Bhimabetaka?

Dinesh Maheshwari dsm at CYPRESS.COM
Wed Mar 29 02:28:28 UTC 2000

Dear list members,

    The web site
depicts the supposedly prehistoric rock paintings of
Bhimabetaka in Madhya Pradesh.
    Amongst the depictions is one that of a reined horse or
horse like animal with a human rider wielding a spear like object.
    A perusal of Kamats' web site attests their photographic
and artistic skills but the few articles on historical aspects
seem to be addressed to the populace and lack scholarly rigor.
That notwithstanding, the rock paintings, especially that with the
"horse", raise some questions; which I pose to the list members:

1.What time period have these rock paintings been dated to ?
The Kamats mention a time period of 5000 to 20,000 years ago
on their home page but mention figures of 500,000 to 20,000 years
in the article associated with the depiction. The latter figures
seem to be a typographical error but even the former figures
are a little vague.

2.Which people have these rock paintings been attributed to ?


Best regards,
Dinesh Maheshwari
Fremont, California, USA

PS:  Australian Rare and Minority Breeds Association has
directed me to the Western Plains Zoo, which has bred the
Przewalski horse, and I am waiting for their response to
my query regarding the numbers of ribs in the  Przewalski
horse. I will inform the list members once I receive their

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