Indological projects [was: P.V.Kane's HDS in abridged form]

Axel Michaels axel.michaels at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Wed Mar 29 08:35:49 UTC 2000

I didn´t mean that Kane´s index is useless, on the contrary, it´s not very
comfortable but fairly comprehensive. I agree, however, with Dominik´s opinion
on a completion of Raghavan´s NCC. This is a desideratum. It needs perhaps
some iniative in India, eventually the Rasthriya Samskrit Samsthan?

A. M.

Dominik Wujastyk schrieb:

> Mikael Aktor and Axel Michaels have both identified good indexes to Kane
> as being a desideratum.  I agree.  A few months back, I raised the topic
> of completing Raghavan's NCC.  Several people agreed that this was also a
> worthwhile indological project.
> What are we to do about these things?  There are several important
> "enabling" tools of this type that our field would greatly benefit
> from.  They are hardly the sorts of job on which a PhD should be
> spent.  But in what way can they be made to happen?   Should the IASS have
> a bursary to sponsor such project work?  Would we all be prepared to pay
> into such a fund?  Is that the right way to proceed?  Or perhaps an
> independent Indological Charity Fund should be established to sponsor
> these and similar tasks.  Payment could be made to pre- or post- doctoral
> students who could use some funds.
> Perhaps I'm dreaming.
> --
> Dominik Wujastyk
> Founder, INDOLOGY list.



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