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Dmitriy Lielukhine lel at LEL.MSK.RU
Sat Mar 25 13:26:14 UTC 2000

Dear Indologists,

Up to date the texts of Indian inscriptions are not submitted in the net.
Now I am happy to announce first "electronical collection" of epigraphy
(Early sanskrit epigraphy from Nepal, Licchavi's inscriptions), which is
located on the server of Oriental Institute, Moscow and can be browsed from It is need only to download our
ttf font from the same page.

I continue the work for preparation the other collections of ancient and
early mediaeval Indian epigraphy, which, as I hope, can be useful for the
indologists. I would very like to learn opinions, comments and advices about
this collection and future publications.

Lielukhine D.N.
Oriental Institute.

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