Horse with 17 pairs of ribs==Przewalski horse?

Dinesh Maheshwari dsm at CYPRESS.COM
Sat Mar 25 04:44:22 UTC 2000

Dear List members,

Paul Kekai Manansala wrote :
>1.162.18 The axe penetrates the thirty-four ribs
>      of the swift horse; the beloved of the gods, (the
>      immolators), cut up (the horse) with skill, so
>      that the limbs may be unperforated, and
>      recapitulating joint by joint.
>      (from Wilson)
>Now, 17 X 2 = 34.

The rare Przewalski horse (Equus przewalski poliakov),
currently found in the Mongolian steppe, has 66 chromosomes
instead of the 64 chromosomes that other horses have. Could it
be the one that has 17 pairs of ribs ?

I have already sent an email to the  ARMBA of Australia,
which has bred these horses in captivity,  asking them
if the Przewalski horse indeed has 17 pairs of ribs. I am
anxiously waiting for their response.

Does any one else know if the Przewalski horse has 17 pairs
of  ribs ?


Best regards,
Dinesh Maheshwari
Fremont, California

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