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Claude Setzer cssetzer at MUM.EDU
Mon Mar 27 03:57:19 UTC 2000

Dear Dimitriy,

This is a wonderful work that you have done and I enjoy it very much. There
is one advise that I give for you and for others trying to view this. Your
original page is using Russian/Cyrillic encoding and it thus sets the user's
web browser to Cyrillic encoding. (I use MS Explorer 5) Then your font (and
other things) do not display properly. In order to get proper display of
your font, I have to go into the View menu and set encoding to "western
European." Then everything looks great. It is somewhat of a problem, because
every time the browser goes back to one of your other pages, the browser is
automatically set back to Cyrillic encoding and shows Russian characters. So
you have to keep resetting to western European encoding to see your font

This type of thing is a long standing serious problem with using any font
that correctly displays (any) language. It sure would be nice if we could
somehow get the international standards committees to stop using all their
resources on horrible looking 7-bit encoding schemes and start figuring out
how to standardize display of real characters!!!

Claude Setzer

From: Dmitriy Lielukhine <lel at LEL.MSK.RU>

> Dear Indologists,
> Up to date the texts of Indian inscriptions are not submitted in the net.
> Now I am happy to announce first "electronical collection" of epigraphy
> (Early sanskrit epigraphy from Nepal, Licchavi's inscriptions), which is
> located on the server of Oriental Institute, Moscow and can be browsed
> It is need only to download our
> ttf font from the same page.

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