Date of Jyotisa Vedanga

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Koenraad Elst wrote:

>Incidentally, a recent issue of Discover monthly reports that Oetzi, the
Tiroler iceman of ca. 3000 BC, had tattoos >on his body, exactly on the
location of a number of acupuncture points.

The copies of the photos of the Tiroler iceman tattoos that I have do not
show that they occupy the Chinese Jingluo (acupuncture) points. To the
contrary, these tattoos run horizontally like shaivite lines, across the
channels, not in the same direction. They could equally be some sort of
ritualistic tattooing.

>exactly on the location of a number of acupuncture points<
Please find a body part which doesn't have acupoints! There are acupoints
(as there are marmas) all over the body,
that is true, but to claim that these tattoos represent acupoints is
difficult to prove.

>Now, the Yellow Emperor was credited with the invention of Chinese
medicine.  Both Oetzi's tribe and the
>Yellow Emperor came from somewhere in Central Asia, which in turn was in
the Indian sphere of influence.  And >Indian medicine does have a tradition
(likely much older than its first appearance in writing) of acu-points...

This is a very interesting subject! Aryan and Dravidian sources explain
marma and marmam from texts attributed to Sushruta and Agustya, but how do
we place a date on the Dravidian marmam model. Can you please explain this?

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