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Koenraad Elst wrote:
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>  wrote:
> > The Chinese calendar can be dated back to 2679 BCE based on its 3600
> > year cycle.
> Rather, to 2697 BC, if you permit this little pedantry, and the calendar> intended is not based on lunar mansions but on artificial cycles of 60 years> (also known in India as Brhaspati era).  Legend has it that 2697 was the> year of the enthronement of the Yellow Emperor.  Legends about him have been> interpreted by Chang Tsung-tung (Taiwan/Frankfurt) as describing the> Indo-European conquest of China, no less.  Chang identifies no less than> 1500 IE words in the basic vocabulary of Chinese, and concurs with Edwin> Pulleyblank's thesis that the standard shape of PIE words is identical with
> that of ancient Chinese words.  The Yellow Emperor was credited with
> bringing, among other things, the script,-- and it has long been
> acknowledged that the early Chinese script owes a lot to more westerly
> sources of inspiration, including the early IVC.

Evidence of an "Aryan" invasion of China is  astronomically less than
that concerning a similar invasion of India.

I don't think even in most Eurocentric circles is this accepted.

Also, the connection of IVC with the Chinese script is a little
far-fetched since we really don't know what Harappan symbols represent.
As there are tens of thousands of Chinese characters and quite a few
Harappan characters there is bound to be some vague similarity here and

If there really was a connection might we not use the Chinese radicals
to figure out the Harappan script?

Paul Kekai Manansala

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