Mushtanda; and Bharat

Vishal Agarwal vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 19 03:52:01 UTC 2000

>There are 100's of such verses in the Puranas and the Itihasas, and in
>comparison, does Europe have anything?

Dr. Zydenbos responded:
Of course. Start with the fact that "Europa" is an ancient Greek name, and
from there you can follow it right down to today, and in various languages.
But if you do not want to find out for yourself, I suggest that you consult
lists other than the Indology List.

VA comments: Of course I am aware of the antiquity of the term 'europa'.
However, I suggest that you read the book by Radha Kumud Mukherjee and then
prove whether the concept of Europa is as well defined and comprehensive as
the concept of Bharat in the Puranas. I am sure that you will recall lengthy
sections of Puranas to understand what I am trying to say. I repeat again
that the concept of nation state is rather modern.

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