Mushtanda; and Bharat

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Sun Mar 19 03:32:30 UTC 2000

From: Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan <Palaniappa at AOL.COM>
What maNimEkalai says is this:
"kAtal koNTu kaTalvaNan2 purANam
OtinAn2 nAraNan2 kAppu en2Ru uraittan2an"  (maN. 27.98-99)

The one who studied the ancient story/text of the sea-colored one said
nArAyaNa is the one who protects.

VA: Thank you for the correction. This was an example of how I can be
mislead by English translations of Tamil texts. As I am not proficient in
Tamil literature, I cannot add anything more here except that my intention
(as stated in my post) was merely to express my view that the statement of
Dr. Zydenbos is rather one sided. In reading the English translation (by
Alain Danielou) I did feel that he was probably straying from the original
text at some places (though not this one). Could you recommend a more exact

Thank you in advance

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