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Tue Mar 14 09:24:56 UTC 2000

I would like to suggest you looking for the commentary of Shanticandra since
Haribhadra suri did not understand Prakrit language very well and his
commentary is often obscure. samgrahani-stanzas will be very difficult to
understand without the text of the sutra. Why not using the complete text of
the sutra (as provided by Shanticandra.
All earlier treatrises on the Jambudvipa refer to Shanticandra.
ÁÂNTICANDRA, Jambûdvîpa-prajñapti (Bombay, 1920).


Frank Van Den Bossche wrote:

> Dear members of the list,
> Currently I am working on Haribhadra SUri's JambUdvIpaSaMgrahaNI, a Jain
> text on geography. I am looking for an edition of the JDS, published by
> Bhimsi Manek (bhImasiMh MANakanI) in Bombay; 1908. I found this reference
> in the Jina-Ratna-KoSh. Can anyone give me more details about this edition
> and, if possible, tell me were I can find it? I heard that it is
> republished in 1985.
> Thanks in advance.
> Frank Van Den Bossche
> University of Ghent
> Dept. of languages and cultures of South and East Asia
> frank.vandenbossche at rug.ac.be

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