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A comprehensive and critical dictionary of the Prakrit languages : with
special reference to Jain literature. Pune : The Bhandarkar Institute,
1996-   . v.1 (p. viii)

says there is a copy of the work you want (1915 edition not 1908) in the
office of the

        Prakrit Dictionary Project
        Bhandarkar Oriental Research Instutite
        Cnr Bhandarkar and Law College Roads
        Pune 4 MAHARASHTRA

They have an edition published in

        Bhavnagar: Jain Dharma Prasarak Sabha, 1915.

(Mostly those editions include the original text and Gujarati translation
in Devanagari script).
I suggest you write to Dr. Ghatage there and ask for a photocopy, they will
tell you how much you need to remit to cover the costs.

It is very likely there is also a copy in London, you need to check

Catalogue of the Library of the India Office. Volume 2 part I (revised
edition) Sanskrit books / by Prana Natha and Jitendra Bimala Chaudhuri.
London : HMSO, 1938-57.

Lots of Prakrit texts are listed there.

Since W. Schubring refers to this text (Die Lehre der Jainas (1935)
paragraph 200) maybe there is a copy in Germany (Hamburg?).

Republishing. An edition was reprinted in 1985 (details below). Whether you
can get a copy or not is another thing, Jinasasana Aradhana Trasta
publishes mainly for exclusive distribution to Jain individuals and
libraries, only if spare copies are available from their small print runs
are copies sold to the public. This would only be a photo-mechanical
reprint, not a reediting, whether it is the 1907 edition you want or the
1915 is another thing. Probably the 1915 edition is better than Manek's. I
think you should contact DK Agencies in New Delhi since they listed the
book in their lists of publications, maybe email Surya Mittal at
<custserv at dkagencies.com>.

Jambudvipasangrahani / Haribhadrasuriviracita :
Prabhanandasuriviracitavrttisahita ; sampadakah samsodhakas ca
Danasurisvarah. Mumbai : Sri Jinasasana Aradhana Trasta, 2042 [1985] 42 p.
; 13 x 28 cm. [DKS-4617. DK Agencies Recent Sanskrit, Prakrit and Pali
publicatios Ref. no. CIR-1432 / 1994-95 item 28]

Royce Wiles
Asian History Centre
Faculty of Asian Studies
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