Ancient Rivers of khvaniratha and indology

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I think such remarks are in quite bad taste. Dr. Kalyanaraman merely joked
and Dr. Thompson took it seriously. Anyway, I would actually be embarassed
if Mr. Abbas were to praise me. Your message assumes that Mr. Abbas
understands Vedic and Avestan, whereas anyone with an iota of commonsense
would conclude otherwise. I recall a verse here in connection with these fan

Ushtranaam vivaaheshu, geetam gaayanti gardhabhaah |
Parasparam prasamsanti, aho roopam ! aho dhvanih ! ||

For that matter, while hardly anyone knows who Dr. Thompson is, his bete
noires (you know who) have a 100 fold readership. Should we apply your logic
here too then?

Maybe you will understand when I reproduce a private message sent by Dr.
Witzel to me in June 1999 (before he left for Japan) where he rejects your
dating of the RV and your assumption behind the same. So much for your fancy
notions of consensus on this issue.

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From: George Thompson <GthomGt at CS.COM>
Subject: Re: Ancient Rivers of khvaniratha and indology
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 22:24:24 EST

In a message dated 3/13/00 9:41:07 PM Eastern Standard Time,
kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET writes:

 > Since indology (which recognizes only the science of Sanskrit) seems to
 >  dealing with fan clubs started by Prof. Witzel and ancient rivers, the
 >  following notes on Avestan and Puranic mythologies will be useful for
 >  ongoing 101 on-line course on historical linguistics:

Dear Dr. Kalyanaraman,

Your resentment has gotten the best of you.  You shouldn't blame Michael
Witzel for the failure of your website, and for your failure to gain an
audience on this list.  Your failure is the result of the fact that you
insist on talking about Vedic and Avestan as if you knew these languages,
when it is clear that you don't.

Who is the blame for that?  Michael Witzel?  I don't think so.


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