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Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Mon Mar 13 07:45:17 UTC 2000

Another classic post by Dr. Witzel. I agree fully with all that he says,
except for the following :

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Michael Witzel wrote:
> ...those of India,  i.e. the "Black people ... the Sudras, Dalits and
> Dravidians of India" (PK Manansala, March 1, 2000) ... for a grander
> view of other, African relatives of Tulu and Dravidian in general, see C.
> Winters at or in

  Even if Dr. Winters' linguistics is wrong, there is a lot of other
(incl. genetic, anthro.) evidence to prove that the Sudras of India are
indeed Negroid :

- cf.,
  esp. the recent genetics papers by Dr. Bamshad et al.)
- A map at
  shows South India as part of `Negroland'.
- The website also has many articles stating that the
  Dalits and Dravidians are Negroids.
- I hear many LTTE cadre are also Africans and that Nelson
  Mandela supports LTTE :
- The Black Panther militia has now entered India - the `Dalit Panthers'
  who are fighting for `Black Revolution.'

The Dravidians are definitely not whites, nor are they Mongoloids. So,
they are by default, Negroes. Surely, all this can not be baseless ?

The rest of the post is, of course, brilliant.

> Little does it help them that they have also
> stolen the name of their airline from Skt. hamsa 'swan' (Luft-hansa), and
> broadcast Sanskrit twice per month on their foreign radio, Deutsche Welle,
> to propagate the recently exposed  prachanna Christian missionary, Max
> Mueller (Moksamuula) and their M.M. Bhavans in India. In the end, they all
> remain Druhyus, long exiled from Bharatavarsha.

Kindly add my name to any fan club of Dr. Witzel !


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