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Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:

>snip>(c) It is much more likely, though, that the Central Asian horse is but
a > denegerate descendent of the Sivalensis: it must have been taken by the >
emigrant Druhyus, as S. Talageri has shown a few years ago...

Prof. Witzel's sarcasm is a refreshing break from the pathless meanderings
which have recently beset the mailing list.

On Druhyu, I have a question: Which Druhyu?

Druhyu I is a son of King Yaya_ti. Two sons, Yadu and Turvasu were born
to Yaya_ti, the son of Na_hus.a, by his wife Devaya_ni_ and three sons
Druhyu, Anudruhyu and Pu_ru by his wife S'armis.t.ha_.

Druhyu II is a son of Matina_ra, a king of the Pu_ru dynasty (MBh. A_di
Parva. Ch. 94, Stanza 14).

Since Druhyu seems to be central to the process of emigrations which have
haunted indology for a long, long time, I would appreciate a further
discussion on this issue, with or without sarcasm, with or without early
references from vedic texts! If you run out of space in this list, you can
email upto 200k size texts to the unmoderated web-list: sarasvati at

Best regards, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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