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Das Devaraj das at NETCOM.COM
Sun Mar 12 21:38:47 UTC 2000

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Michael Witzel wrote:
> The news is, after all, important enough that I could not wait for another
> 2 weeks,
> until April 1.

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OK, that does it - enough of this disparaging of scientists or
for that matter anybody else who is not a linguist!

What really happened (or for that matter what is going to happen)
is pretty simple :-)  We wrote Vedas in our future, taped it, and
using a "Time machine (TM)" (already invented in future), went
back and replayed it to invading/migrating/loitering/indigenous

They are then forced to commit all these things to memory for
the next thousand years or so (pretty ease to police with a
time machine!)  When a mistake was made once every hundred
years or so, the punishment was swift, inhumane and ghastly -
they were forced to take classes in historical linguistics ;-(

Hope this puts things in the proper perspective :-)
<LURK mode on>

Ducking and running for cover -

Warmest regards,
Das Devaraj

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