Indian police training

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Dear Sir:
Try looking up the novels of the author RUMER GODDEN.  Her last novel before
her death was on just this subject.  The found statue of Siva was taken
to England, but acted in its own defense, wanting to be returned
to INDIA.  Sources of this case in England might give you some leads.
Sorry, I can't remember the title of the book.
>From: Atimidus <Atimidus at PRONTO.BBT.SE>
>Subject: Indian police training
>Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2000, 10:47 PM

> Greeting to everyone.
> I am giving a course on International methods of law and order defense.
> There are topics in the course like specifics of police training, prison
> organization, crime punishment and  prevention in different countries. I am
> interested is there any historical ethic or philosophical background in the
> way Indian police is trained (ksatriya mood, dharma rules, etc)? I have
> heard of the case, when Indian justice proved the Deity as the legal
> proprietor of the land, so there might be some pecularities in the law and
> order defense also. If you have any kind of the material, bibliography, I
> would be gratefuful fro your reply. I have taken already some information on
> internet, but it's scarce.
> Best regards,
> Alexey Timoschuk
> Vladimir Institute of Law
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