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Fri Mar 3 02:53:32 UTC 2000

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From: Sundeep Dougal <holden at GIASDL01.VSNL.NET.IN>
Has  Mr. Aggarwal perhaps read _Investigative Journalism
or Slander: Do you have more Questions Mr. Shourie?_
by one Vishwa Mohan Jha, brought out by Sahmat in 1998?

      "...For that matter, why doesn't Ms. Srinivas herself ..."

Why conclude that it is "Ms." Srinivas? Perhaps one needs
to at least enquire before jumping to a conclusion? Couldn't
it be a "Mr."? In any case, based only on this, I wouldn't like
to imply that Mr. Agarwal is being very judgemental.

VA: I take note of your posting. It is Midterm exam time here and it will be
at least a week before I start posting a response. If I have misjudged Laxmi
Srinivas' gender, I apologize. However, Mr. Dougal will note that I spell my
name as 'Agarwal', not as 'Aggarwal'.
I would certainly appreciate Mr. Dougal's views on the rest of my post,
realizing that he has responded to a very small fragment of the same.

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