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D. Kherdian, Monkey: A journey to the West
(A retelling of the Chinese folk novel by Wu Ch'eng=en)

p. 33
"How many of these can I possibly carry by myself? Monkey
pondered. 'I'd better use mu Body-out-of-Body magic.'
He plucked several hairs from his body and, chewing them into bits,
spat them into the air, saying 'Change!' The armory was suddenly
filled with chattering monkeys. At once they began to collect the
weapons, each according to his size or strength."

This 16th century Chinese novel tells the story of
Buddhist scriptures seeking Monk (Hsuan-tsang) and his companion,
the rogue-trickster Monkey. It is an allegorical piece
and very popular in East Asia. The events happen in the
West ie., India.

Body-out-of-Body magic is one of the eight mahAsiddhis concept
of India, I guess.

N. Ganesan

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