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Re: Cloning
>(5) Deviimaahaatmya etc.: Each drop of Raktabiija=E6s blood becomes a
> Raktabiija when it touches the ground.

  In the story of Ziva, dakSa and satI, vIrabhadra and mahaGkAlI are
created by Ziva from his hair.

>(7) Kathaasaritsaagara: Indra hurls his vajra at Kumaara, and ;Saakha
> Vi;saakha are born.
 In addition, in the hitOpadEza tales, we have the story of 3
knowledgable Brahmins naieve to the ways of the world and 1 Brahmin
who is unknowledgable but wise to the ways of the world. The 4 Brahmins
come accross a skeleton of a tiger. The first 3 reconstruct
the skeleton of the tiger, give it flesh and blood and then life and
get killed. The fourth , who warns the others against giving the
skeleton life climbs up a tree and saves his life. Would this qualify as


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