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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HINDU STUDIES, the only fieldwide triannual
scholarly, refereed journal on Hindu religion. IJHS is the preeminent
scholarly publication in Hindu studies today.

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                   International Journal of Hindu Studies

                        Volume 2, Number 1, 1998


The Indo-European prehistory of yoga  ~ 1-20
        N. J. Allen, University of Oxford

At home in the world: The lives of Sitadevi  ~ 21-42
        Rebecca J. Manring, Indiana University

Vivekananda and Ramakrsna face to face: An essay
         on the alterity of a saint  ~ 43-66
        Carl Olson, Allegheny College

Early Advaita and Madhyamaka Buddhism: The case
         of the Gaudapadiyakarika  ~ 67-83
        Richard King, University of Stirling

Ajatasattu and the future of psychoanalytic anthropology
         Part III: Culture, imagination, and the wish  ~ 85-106
        Dan W. Forsyth, University of Southern Colorada


Matrimonials: A variation of arranged marriages  ~ 107-115
        Rajagopal Ryali, Auburn University Montgomery

BOOK REVIEWS (30)  ~ 117-154


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