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Thu Aug 20 22:14:59 UTC 1998

My son Muktak, who studies mythology as a hobby, when he is not occupied with Microbiology, etc., has given me the following note when I conveyed to him the inquiry on cloning that was recently made on this list:

 Examples of "cloning" (i.e. making a whole organism with the same genetic inheritance from a part of another):

(1) Mahaabhaarata, Puraa.nas, etc.: Vena's mother Suniithaa was a bad influence, so he was killed.  The braahma.nas "churnedÆ Vena's body, making first the Ni.saada from his bad qualities, then P.rthu ( and Arci (Lak.smii) from the good.

(2) Bhaagavata Upon the death of Nimi, his body was "churned" to create his son Janaka.

(3) Mahaabhaarata: plucks his white and black hairs and puts them into Rohi.nii and Devakii; they become Raama and The 101 Kauravas are born from the flesh of Gaandhaariiæs stillborn child. The 60,000 sons of Sagara are born from the gourd delivered by Vaidarbhii.

(4) Puraa.nas: All seers and supernatural beings are born from the cast-off bodies of Brahman, including Manu and ;Sataruupaa. Rudra mentally produces the innumerable Rudras, all like him in shape and personality.

(5) Deviimaahaatmya etc.: Each drop of Raktabiijaæs blood becomes a new Raktabiija when it touches the ground.

(6) ; etc.: Paarvatii makes;sa from her scrubbed-off body-dirt.

(7) Kathaasaritsaagara: Indra hurls his vajra at Kumaara, and ;Saakha and Vi;saakha are born.

(8) Mahaabhaarata, Padma, etc.: Urva;sii etc. are born from the thigh of A;srubindumatii is born from the tears of Rati. Vallii and Devasenaa are born from the tears of

(9) Yogavaasi.s.tha:haven't read it, but should contain a few examples.

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