[INDOLOGY] Sāvarṇi gotra, Sāvarṇa gotra, and Śaiva dīkṣā name

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This probably does not help Palaniappan, but it may be interesting for
Ganesan: the sāvarṇi gotra is also mentioned in the Lohaner plates of
Pulakeśin II. Edition: Khare, Ganesh Hari. 1947. ‘Lohaner Plates of
Chalukya Pulikesin II: Saka 552’. Epigraphia Indica 27: 37–41.
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> Dear Sri Palaniappan,
> It is very interesting to know about the  Sāvaṛṇa/ Sāvaṛṇi gotra
> mentioned in the inscriptions.
> I am not sure about the existence of such a gotra.
> But, in the  Naṭarājapaddhati, a Śaiva[siddhānta] ritual manual composed
> in the Tamil country in the 11th century CE (one century earlier that the
> well known paddhati composed by Aghoraśivācārya ), which I, along with my
> colleague  am critically editing for the first time based on a single
> manuscript  (the 1st volume will soon be going to the press), its author R
> āmanātha  states that he was born in the  savarṇakula.
> According to the Suprabhedagama, one of the 28  Śaiva Mūlāgama-s, a
> person born of marriage between a brāhmaṇa man and a kṣatriya woman where
> the rituals are performed by reciting the [appropriate] mantra-s, is
> known as a ‘savarṇa’
> It is also stated there that savarṇa is one among the anuloma- varṇa-s.
> I have given these details in my introduction to the edited text.
> I am not sure how far this information will be useful for you or in any
> way clarify your doubts.
> I just wanted to share this information with you.
> Best wishes
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>> The Pullūr plates and Taṇṭantōṭṭam plates of Pallava king Nandivarman II
>> of 8th century CE mention a few Brāhmins belonging to Ṣāvarṇi gotra and
>> Chandoga sutra. The Kahla plate of Soḍhadeva of 1077 CE mentions a Brahmin
>> belonging to Sāvarṇa gotra and Chandoga śākhā. A stone inscription from
>> Ārpākkam of Cōḻa Rājādhirāja II of the second half of the 12th century
>> CE mentions a Śaiva teacher with the name Umāpatideva alias Jñānaśivadeva
>> who belonged to the Dakṣiṇarāḍha of Gauḍadeśa and Gaṃgoḷi Sāvaṛṇa gotra. Do
>> Sāvarṇi and Sāvarṇa refer to the same gotra? Given the -deva part of the
>> dīkṣā name of the Śaiva teacher, could he still be a Brahmin?
>> Thank you in advance for any clarifications.
>> Regards,
>> Palaniappan
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