[INDOLOGY] Sāvarṇi gotra, Sāvarṇa gotra, and Śaiva dīkṣā name

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Dear Sri Palaniappan,
It is very interesting to know about the  Sāvaṛṇa/ Sāvaṛṇi gotra mentioned
in the inscriptions.
I am not sure about the existence of such a gotra.
But, in the  Naṭarājapaddhati, a Śaiva[siddhānta] ritual manual composed in
the Tamil country in the 11th century CE (one century earlier that the well
known paddhati composed by Aghoraśivācārya ), which I, along with my
colleague  am critically editing for the first time based on a single
manuscript  (the 1st volume will soon be going to the press), its author Rā
manātha  states that he was born in the  savarṇakula.
According to the Suprabhedagama, one of the 28  Śaiva Mūlāgama-s, a person
born of marriage between a brāhmaṇa man and a kṣatriya woman where the
rituals are performed by reciting the [appropriate] mantra-s, is known as a
It is also stated there that savarṇa is one among the anuloma- varṇa-s.
I have given these details in my introduction to the edited text.

I am not sure how far this information will be useful for you or in any way
clarify your doubts.

I just wanted to share this information with you.

Best wishes

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> The Pullūr plates and Taṇṭantōṭṭam plates of Pallava king Nandivarman II
> of 8th century CE mention a few Brāhmins belonging to Ṣāvarṇi gotra and
> Chandoga sutra. The Kahla plate of Soḍhadeva of 1077 CE mentions a Brahmin
> belonging to Sāvarṇa gotra and Chandoga śākhā. A stone inscription from
> Ārpākkam of Cōḻa Rājādhirāja II of the second half of the 12th century CE
> mentions a Śaiva teacher with the name Umāpatideva alias Jñānaśivadeva who
> belonged to the Dakṣiṇarāḍha of Gauḍadeśa and Gaṃgoḷi Sāvaṛṇa gotra. Do
> Sāvarṇi and Sāvarṇa refer to the same gotra? Given the -deva part of the
> dīkṣā name of the Śaiva teacher, could he still be a Brahmin?
> Thank you in advance for any clarifications.
> Regards,
> Palaniappan
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