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Dear Herman

I am not sure whether this is what you are after, but there is a series of
studies (I have only ever seen Vol I, but in looking it up I learn that
there are actually 3), which can be found here:

I now discover that Vol II is on Archive:

Vol III I have found for sale in hard copy but I'm not sure whether it is
otherwise available. (eg here--NB: this is not an advertisement, only for

I hope this helps,

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> Dear List members
> In his book *Self and Non-Self in Early Buddhism* Joaquín Pérez-Remón for
> correspondences between passages from the Buddhist Pāli canon and Jaina
> texts more than once refers to the following book:
> The Teachings of Lord Mahāvīra, Śrī Mahāvīra vacanāmr̥ta,
> Shah, Dhirajlal Tokershi
> The book is not available in Leiden and the nearest library which has a
> copy is in Oxford.
> I wonder if there is a Jaina website with a scan or other type of
> electronic version of the book.
> Or are there other (better) publications systematically dealing with such
> correspondences of passages and terms (beside than W.B. Bollée's *The
> Pādas of the Suttanipāta*)?
> With kind regards, Herman
> <https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_crl_catalog_b12943733&context=PC&vid=31UKB_LEU:UBL_V1&lang=en&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=Everything&query=any%2Ccontains%2Cdhirajlal%20shah%20the%20teachings%20of%20lord%20mahavira&offset=0&pcAvailability=true>
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