[INDOLOGY] Kataragama-shrine at Kandy

Rolf Heinrich Koch rolfheiner.koch at gmail.com
Mon May 22 10:44:35 UTC 2023

Dear listmembers,
the renaming of the brahmanical Skandakumāra-devale at Kandy into a 
Kataragama-devale must have happened at the beginning of the 19th 
century according to my research. It is not very long ago but I was 
without success to get any information about this issue. After the 
renaming of the Skandakumāra-shrine into a Kataragama-shrine the 
depictions of the original Kataragama are now vanishing and replaced by 
pictures of Skandakumāra.
Maybe someone of you can provide some details on the name change?
Thank you in advance


Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

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