[INDOLOGY] CORRECTION: New etexts from collaboration of Muktabodha with the IFP .

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Dear Harry,

Thanks for the news. It appears that only Sanskrit manuscripts are 
considered in this project. Is this deliberate ? Of course, since Tamil 
sources deal mostly with philosophy, and often downplay ritual, one may 
understand that people interested in "theology" may not find in them 
what they seek.  My best wishes to this project.

Maybe we need another project on the சித்தாந்தசைவம்.  When the goal is 
to understand Tamil philosophy, it is not reasonable to separate the 
Sanskrit from the Tamil material, because each sheds light on the other.

I suppose everyone on the list knows that the Tamil and Sanskrit sources 
do not represent the same doctrine, that Tamil scholars are usually 
knowledgeable about Sanskrit, and that they have good reason to disagree 
with the interpretation of those, including native speakers of Tamil, 
that are not conversant with Tamil philosophy [see Journal Asiatique, 
*306* (1) (2018), 85-99, especially the new discussion of the relation 
between the two versions of the சிவஞானபோதம்].

Tamil philosophy (I see no other adequate term in English) has had a 
distinguished history in Tamil Nadu for many centuries, to this day and, 
more important, seems to contain original analyses that do not seem to 
be not available in any other language, as a perusal of the (Tamil 
version of the) சிவஞானபோதம் shows.

There are quite a few sources of manuscripts, even in France, so that 
there is no fundamental obstacle to such a project, that actually would 
continue Jean Filliozat's program, continued by Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat 
and others.


              Satyanad Kichenassamy

Le 15/05/2023 à 00:03, Harry Spier via INDOLOGY a écrit :
> Dear list members,
> The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute and the Institut 
> Francais de Pondichery have entered into a new collaboration whose 
> objective is to produce etexts of 75 manuscripts of Shaiva works over 
> the next 3 years. These will be focused on works expounding the 
> doctrines of the Shaiva schools of theology, and works of ritual.
> The etexts are being produced by the staff of the IFP under the 
> direction of Dr. Deviprasad Mishra. The funding is provided by 
> Muktabodha, India. These etexts will be added to the Muktabodha 
> digital library as they are produced.
> As part of this project the following 10 manuscript bundles have now 
> been added to the Muktabodha digital library and can be accessed from 
> this link.
> https://muktalib7.com/DL_CATALOG_ROOT/digital_library_secure_entry.htm
> Note also that the original manuscripts can be viewed in the IFP 
> manuscript database.  The easiest way to locate these manuscripts in 
> the IFP database is by the manuscript number: 31158, 32407 etc.
> The link to the IFP  manuscript database 
> is:https://www.ifpindia.org/digitaldb/online/manuscripts/login.php
> The new manuscripts from this project, now added to the Muktabodha 
> digital library are:
> IFP manuscript 15527 kriyādīpikā and minor works by śivāgrayogin
> IFP manuscript 30480 varuṇapaddhati with commentary vilocana by 
> nigamajñānadeva
> IFP manuscript 30482 parārthapūjāvidhi by tyāgarāyaguru
> IFP manuscript 30722 mahotsavavidhi kriyākramadyotikā by aghoraśivācārya
>  IFP manuscript 31158 āśīrvādaparamparā, samudrasnānavidhi, 
> kālaprakāśikā, sudhivilocana
> IFP manuscript 32407 śivasahasranāmastotra, uttarapiṭhā ādityapurāṇa
> IFP manuscript 32608 candrajñāna-nityārchanavidhiḥ mantravāsam
> IFP manuscript 32397 bheritāḍana, cūrṇikā devatāvāhana, sandhyāvāhana, 
> ekkāmranāthālaya
> IFP manuscript 30494 śivajñānasiddhisvapakṣadṛṣṭāntasaṅgraha, 
> saptalakṣana samānasandhivyākhyādi
> IFP manuscript 30604 bhadrakālipratiṣṭhāvidhi yāmalatantra
> Thank you,
> Harry Spier
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