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Red as part of a wedding dress appears in expressions like "laal dupatta "
" laal chunaria "

Browsing for "Red dupatta " yields some articles / publications:

(red as symbol of love/romance seems to be the idea)

"In some culture, bride may choose red, maroon which is the symbol of

  Development of Wedding Costume from Bengal to Bangladesh

Sharmin Shoukat* , Md. Ariful Islam

  Fashion Design & Technology Department, BGMEA University of Fashion &
Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Beneath the Red Dupatta : an exploration of the mythopoeic functions of the
'Muslim' courtesan (tawaif) in Hindustani cinema

Khoyratty, Farhad



"laal dupattaa"  = red dupattaa

is a frequent expression in romantic bollywood songs

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> In the Vedic soma rite connected with sorcery called śyena ‘falcon' and
> described in Lāṭyāyana-Śrautasūtra 8,5, the officiating priests wear red
> turbans and are dressed in red clothes. This and related rites of sorcery
> belong to the archaic vrātya tradition of the Atharvaveda and Sāmaveda. Cf.
> my book “The Roots of Hinduism” (2015), chapter 12, and p. 134.
> With best wishes, Asko Parpola
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> > Dear Colleagues,
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> > A former student has asked about me about the origins of red dresses for
> Hindu brides…
> >
> > I know utterly nothing about this. Does anyone either know something
> about this or know of an article or two that I might (a) read myself and
> (b) pass on to the former student in question?
> >
> > Best from a rainy Wales,
> >
> > James Hegarty
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