[INDOLOGY] Gunatilaka's 1967 Saṃghāṭa Dissertation

Charles DiSimone disimone at alumni.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 8 15:10:57 UTC 2022

Dear friends,

Might anyone have a scan of the following dissertation:

Gunatilaka R. A. 1967. “An Edition with Translation of the Buddhist
Sanskrit Text Saṃghāṭa-Sūtra.” Dissertation. University of Cambridge.

I have had a terrible time trying to get a hold of this. My university's
Interlibrary Loan has made a valiant effort to procure a copy for me but
after a month of trying are running out of options. There is a print out at
Bonn but they refused to scan or lend it and there is microfiche at CDL but
they have also refused. Ostensibly the original dissertation should be
housed at Cambridge but that seems impossible to access. Having exhausted
other avenues I turn here. I would be immensely grateful if one among our
Indology list may be able to help. I suspect one or two kind souls must
have a PDF of this squirreled away...

With my best wishes,

Dr. Charles DiSimone
Department of Languages and Cultures
Ghent University
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