[INDOLOGY] 14 Vīraśaiva texts added to the Muktabodha digital library

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 14:10:46 UTC 2021

Dear list members,
On behalf of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute, I am pleased to

The following 14 Virasaiva e-texts have been added to Muktabodha's
searchable etext library.

They were created from sources provided by Dr. Elaine Fisher, Assistant
Professor of Religion at Stanford University and a member of Muktabodha's
Academic Advisory Council. This is the first installment of a project to
digitally preserve and transcribe rare Virasaiva texts and is funded by a
fellowship to Dr. Fisher from Stanford University.

*From the paper transcripts of the French Institute of Pondicherry*
T0342 Vīraśaivasiddhāntottarakaumudī (61 pages)
T0343 Vīraśaivasiddhāntottarakaumudī (different from above) (42 pages)
T1061 Caturvedatātparyasaṅgraha (30 pages)
T0658,Pañcaratnavyākhyā (68 pages)
T0031 Vīrāgama (228 pages)
T0195 Vīraśaivāgamāḥ (63 pages)

*From publications of Solapur Virasaivalingibrahmanagranthamala*
Viśeṣārthaprakāśikā, Solapur 1906 (34 pages)
Vīraśaivotkarṣapradīpikā, attr. Cennabasaveśvara, 1910 Solapur (18 pages)
Kaivalyasāra, Solapur 1907 (57 pages)
Vīraśaivācārapradīpikā, Gurudeva, Solapur 1905 (141 pages)
Śivādvaitamañjarī, Svaprabhānanda, and Śaivasiddhāntadīpikā, Solapur 1909
(29 pages)

*From other print books*
Vīraśaivānandacandrikā, Maritoṇṭadārya, Varanasi, 1936 (234 pages)
Śivādvaitadarpaṇa, Hooli ca. 1920 (36 pages)

Vīratantra manuscript from Kashi Jangamwadi Matha (21 folios)

Harry Spier
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