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Dear Dr Ruppel,
Thank you so much for making these resources available! I wish they’d been
around when I began studying Sanskrit. These free resources make the
language so much more accessible.


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> Dear all,
> There are a few resources I've been putting together for Sanskrit students
> and teachers that I thought might be useful for the List to know about.
> -- My Reader still hasn't come out (it will in November!), but the online
> flashcards for the 900-word study vocab list are available on Brainscape
> <https://www.brainscape.com/l/dashboard/an-introductory-sanskrit-reader-17671407/decks>.
> To access them all for free, students need to open a (free) Brainscape
> account and then click on this code:
> https://www.brainscape.com/p/16X72-LH-AIRCF (The list is meant for
> beginning to intermediate students; it focuses on epic and narrative texts
> (so: the kinds of genres students would likely encounter early on), is
> split into two parts (ca. 450 very frequent words, ca. 450 frequent words),
> and was put together using the word frequency tool at
> sanskritdictionary.com.) If anybody would like the pdf of the entire
> list, please simply email me.
> -- A few days ago, the second episode of the Sanskrit Studies Podcast
> <http://sanskritstudiespodcast.com> went live. I started this podcast to
> introduce the breadth of scholarly work on Sanskrit in all its facets and
> applications to a wider public: precise and detailed, but always
> accessible, in the hopes that it will not only help us attract students to
> the field, but perhaps also give us a better idea what our colleagues
> further afield are doing. I hope you will agree that my first two
> interviewees, McComas Taylor and Dagmar Wujastyk, both introduce their work
> and interests splendidly!
> -- The grammar posters I made to go with my intro textbook are now also
> finally available <https://shop.yogicstudies.com/collections/accessories>
> online. (The bigger ones are *really* big, so I'd recommend those only for
> classrooms or offices.) In the past, my students have found them very
> helpful after about a term/semester or so of Intro Sanskrit.
> All my best,
>      Antonia
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