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Dear Patrick,

See also chapters VI.42-43 of the /Mokṣopāya/ (MU) in which Śiva  
expounds to the sage Vasiṣṭha that /both /forms of worship, namely the  
"outward/outer"/ (bāhya)/ and "interior/inner" /(antar)/ or "mental"  
/(mānasa)/ "worship"/ (pūjā)/, are actually and exclusively realized  
as ongoing /ātmadhyāna/. [According to his own words (MU VI.33.12),  
Śiva teaches here the "excellent" /(vara)/ or "very best" /(anuttama)/  
form of /devārcana/, which, when performed, will lead immediately to  

Best wishes,
Roland Steiner

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