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I apologize for the fact that the message below was by accident also sent to the list. I do take this opportunity to add that I am glad that I am also a sanskritist: Sanskrit does not have speakers. This is true in the sense that one is not born a Sanskrit speaker, or a "son of Mother Sanskrit", to vary on Tamilttāy.

Dear Jean-Luc, thank you very much for the information.
24-1-2011 (January) I replied to a message of Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan, who replied to today. From your message I have learned that the discussion has gone on on other lists in Tamil, initiated by Rajam on 16-2-2021 (February), referring to me as "some foreign Tamil researcher" (ōr ayalakattamiḻāyvāl̥ar). Too often in Tamil publications I am referred to in this way, as a foreigner, who, by implication, has no right to say anything about Tamil.

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