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A word in many modern Indian languages that comes phonetically close to
this is Ghungroo, the dancer's bells. I don't know if this will fit the
context of your text.  The other word is Ghāgar referring to a water pot.
Such words could possibly be Sanskritized as ghargharikā. Again the context
may or may not support any of these suggestions.

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> Dear All,
> Thanks for all the replies both on and off-list.
> I am eager to hear any further input you might have on the nature of the
> nīvi/nīvī and related questions, but I would like to briefly zoom in on
> the word dhudhurikā.
> Come to think of it, in the manuscript in which I found it, gha and dha
> can't be clearly distinguished. (Actually, from a purely graphic point of
> view they *could*, but the scribe does not seem to use the graphic
> peculiarities of the two *akṣara*s with a purpose.) Therefore the word
> might be either dhudhurikā or ghughurikā.
> In this respect, in J.T. Platts' Urdū dictionary I see that the words
> ghagh[a]rā and ghagh[a]rī mean “a petticoat (= ghāghrā); a short frock”
> and that they should be related to the “S[anskrit] gharghara+kaḥ and
> gharghara+ikā” (p. 935 of the 2004 reprint). However, the meanings listed
> by Apte for ghargharaḥ, ghargharā and ghargharikā don't have much to do
> with "petticoat", see
> https://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/AP90Scan/2014/web/webtc/servepdf.php?page=0477-a.
> (I might well be on a spectacularly wrong track.)
> Does anybody have any thoughts on dhudhurikā/ghughurikā? Can anybody
> figure out which language it is?
> All the very best,
> Gaia Pintucci
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