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namaskaromi friends, The Kāmandakīya Nītisāra also picks up the A.Ś.
material Mark brings up and goes into detail about the construction of what
it calls the "mṛgayāraṇya." See N.S. 15.29-15.42, prior to which there is
an elaborate warning against the dangers of hunting and a pitch for
alternative ways to get the benefits of hunting, e.g. "yantralakṣya" for
improving aim, exercise for toning the body, etc. Best to all, bhavadīyaḥ,J

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> Dear Heiner,
> As much can be implied in the Arthaśāstra at 2.2.3, which provides rules
> for establishing the king’s *mṛgavana*. It is to be provisioned, among
> other things, with *bhagnanakhadaṃṣṭravyāla*: various kinds of vicious
> animals with their claws and fangs broken or removed. Here is the passage
> from the Kyōto e-text:
> *tāvanmātram ekadvāraṃ khātaguptaṃ svāduphalagulmaguccham akaṇṭakidrumam
> uttānatoyāśayaṃ dāntamṛgacatuṣpadaṃ bhagnanakhadaṃṣṭravyālaṃ
> mārgayukahastihastinīkalabhaṃ mṛgavanaṃ vihārārthaṃ rājñaḥ kārayet *|* sarvātithimṛgaṃ
> pratyante cānyanmṛgavanaṃ bhūmivaśena vā niveśayet *|
> Best,
> Mark
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> Dear listmembers,
> I am searching for quotations (preferably in Sanskrit/Pali sources) which
> clearly describe that for a royal hunting trip the animal to be hunted has
> been caught beforehand and later released for this royal hunt.
> This would be helpful for the interpretation of a picture strip which
> visualizes the Ālavaka-damana-story according to thr Buddhist commentary
> literature.
> Has any of you stumbled upon such a passage by chance?
> Many thanks
> Heiner
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