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Dear Patricia and Jonathan,

Just for the record, Meulenbeld does have quite a number of references 
to this subject under synonymous terms like viṣatantra and viṣacikitsā.  
And as meritorious and useful as those volumes are, Meulenbeld did not 
use any (or few at any rate) unpublished sources.  He was not aware of 
the Gāruḍa or Bhūta Tantras as systematic classes, nor of most of the 
important titles, despite their definitive influence on Indian medicine 
where it involved poison/venom and exorcism in post-classical India.  
Many of the most important sources I used in Early Tantric Medicine were 
only available in manuscripts.

And Jonathan, I would encourage Charles to not jump to conclusions on 
the origin of the material on poisons in his text, given that he has 
apparently not read the most recent scholarship!

All the best,


Michael Slouber, Ph.D.
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> Dear Johnathan,
> There is no mention of /viṣaśāstra/ in the index of the /History of 
> Indian Medical Literature./ I am currently working on a project that 
> catalogues /rasaśāstra/ texts, which relies heavily on the 
> /HIML./ Thus far I have come across numerous references to poisons, 
> purifying poisonous substances, etc., but no recipes for making 
> poisons. If I do happen across one I will make a note of it for you.
> Best wishes,
> Patricia
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