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Thank you Michael, I've passed on the warning!

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> Dear Patricia and Jonathan,
> Just for the record, Meulenbeld does have quite a number of references to
> this subject under synonymous terms like viṣatantra and viṣacikitsā.  And
> as meritorious and useful as those volumes are, Meulenbeld did not use any
> (or few at any rate) unpublished sources.  He was not aware of the Gāruḍa
> or Bhūta Tantras as systematic classes, nor of most of the important
> titles, despite their definitive influence on Indian medicine where it
> involved poison/venom and exorcism in post-classical India.  Many of the
> most important sources I used in Early Tantric Medicine were only available
> in manuscripts.
> And Jonathan, I would encourage Charles to not jump to conclusions on the
> origin of the material on poisons in his text, given that he has apparently
> not read the most recent scholarship!
> All the best,
> Michael
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> Dear Johnathan,
> There is no mention of *viṣaśāstra* in the index of the *History of Indian Medical Literature.* I am currently working on a project that catalogues *rasaśāstra* texts, which relies heavily on the *HIML.* Thus
>  far I have come across numerous references to poisons, purifying
> poisonous substances, etc., but no recipes for making poisons. If I do
> happen across one I will make a note of it for you.
> Best wishes,
> Patricia
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