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Dear colleagues,
the chapter of the Carakasaṃhita concerned with poison (Cikitsasthāna 
23) is called viṣaciktsitam 
kaumārabhṛtyakam is one of the eight aṅgas of Ayurveda and includes 
mostly paediatrics.

There is some specialized information on poisoning in N.M. Penzers 
Appendix III (poison-damsels) in "The Ocean of Story" Vol. 2 from 1924 
(pp. 275–313): 
It was reworked into a an essay later (Poison-Damsels and Other Essays 
in Folklore and Anthropology, 1952).
I believe no one has mentioned this so far.

Best wishes,
Vitus Angermeier

Am 05.06.2020 um 22:30 schrieb Dan Lusthaus:
> Dear Jonathan,
> I believe viṣaśāstra, as its name implies, is a general term for 
> toxicology, dealing with things like poisons, venoms, etc. Many 
> medical works have sections on this. The Caraka-saṃhitā called this 
> kaumārabhṛtyakam; the Suśruta called it agadatantra; Vagbhata called 
> it daṃṣṭrā. Yijing, in his survey of Indian Medicine, called it 論惡揭陀藥 
> (cf. T 54.2125.223b28-23c6).
> Some of our illustrious colleagues who deal with that literature can 
> perhaps guide you to more specific sources.
> best,
> Dan
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>> Dear Friends
>> My friend Charles Ramble is working on a Tibetan text on poison. It 
>> mentions for instance 32 types. I am aware that (no doubt among 
>> others) /Suśrutasaṁhitā/ in its Kalpasthāna has much to say about 
>> poison, but understandably, not how to make it. There seems to exist 
>> a term /viṣaśāstra/, but more I have not been able to discover. I 
>> feel I may have overlooked something rather well known.
>> I would be delighted both to learn more myself (no, I'm not looking 
>> to poison anyone!) and to pass along the information to Charles.
>> Very best,
>> Jonathan
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